How Chinese Tyres For Russian Tanks, Muddy Roads & Corruption Stalled Putin’s Mission Ukraine

Armoured vehicles getting stuck in the mud while veering off road has proved to be a big setback for Putin’s forces. Some reports suggest that cheap Chinese exports are a big factor in Russia’s stalled invasion in Ukraine. Reports also suggest that corrupt Russian officers may have saved cash by opting for Chinese tyres for their armoured vehicles.


the fact that the region is a marsh and is only solid during the summer and winter and is the traditional defense of the area. Mud and winter is what has saved the Ussr/russia from both Napoleon and hitler, but putin didn’t learn this lesson

I can tell you from personal experience. I bought a Chinese made motorcycle online. If it were a Japanese made Honda all of the rubber components would still be good several years later. Not on the Chinese bike. The rubber components were rotten by the first year and falling off the bike by the 2nd year. Not only was it underpowered the bolts all fit loose and parts kept falling off. The tires would not lock to the rim so when you hit the brakes it would slip the tire and pull the valve stem out of the inner tube causing a flat. The Chinese can only produce cheap products. They are incapable of producing top quality goods. Their military equipment will be the same. It will be a rip off

The real cause of their poor performance is corruption and sheer laziness within the Russian military. Vehicles with off-road capability have tyres equipped with an air pressure system that can lower pressures to broaden their contat patch in muddy conditions or sand and then raise them up again when returning to tarmac roads or other hard surfaces. Such tyres require their air pressure system to be cycled regularly to retain flexibility in the rubber. While this is done during the rigorous maintenance programmes carried out by US and European armies, it is known that the Russian army does not maintain its equipment to the same standards, with vehicles stored for months without being maintained or even started up and run. Once the tyres have started to perish and you lower the pressures as happened in the muddy Ukrainian terrain, it is no surprise that the tyres either fail or come off their rims. It is as simple as that, and you don’t even need poor quality Chinese tyres to help!