This $270 Million Plane is so Advanced only the US can Build it

Welcome back to the Daily Aviation for a new documentary video about the Boeing E-3 Sentry also know as the AWACS (Airborne Warning & Control System).


I was stationed at Tinker AFB when they received their first group of E-3As in the 1980s. I was able to make a walk thru one time; it was a really eye-opening experience

I see one of these quite a bit. There is one stationed about 20 miles from here. It’s nice to be able to check and add oil from the ground, I was a P3 sailor and we had to slide out onto the engine from the wing

my grandpa was a electrical engineer for the E-3. Sadly, he passed away before I was old enough to talk to him about it.

Y pensar que Chile tendra 2 de esas maravillas y encima se esta evaluando la modernización lo antes posible, para prolongar su vida util 30-40 años. Con estos 2 Chile contara con 3 aviones de alerta temprana sin marginal nuestro queridísimo condor

B52s do not perform short flights. The one thing that makes it so special is the weapon load, type and weight. And the ability to travel on missions from Louisiana to Afghanistan or a show of force from Guam to china or north Korea.