US F-15s Nose Dive Against Each Other in Intense Dogfighting Practice

Welcome back to the Daily Aviation for a feature on the Dogfight training of F-15 aircraft to prepare the Pilot’s skills in combat, and the series of stringent procedures set in place to ensure the safety of the crew and the aircraft.

Actually by 1988 it was in production. Initial development started in the late 70s, and demonstrators and prototypes based on the TF-15A and F-15B were flying in the early 80s. As a very young AFROTC cadet I got to visit the McDonnell-Douglas factory in St. Louis where the F-15A and B models were being built. The engineers there a pointed out that among other advantages there was enough room in the basic F-15 airframe that the fuselage did not need to be lengthened for a second seat, unlike the competing F-16 strike version

I understand that early model aircraft used slot and Phillips type screws to fix panels against the fuselage but I am amazed that they are still used on this modern fighter (5:13). Far superior types such as hex and Torq-drive have been around for a long time. Great video though. Thanks for the upload.