The Largest Warship in the World Costs $13.3 billion

the uss gerald r ford aircraft carrier comes with a high price tag in return for its cutting-edge technology at 13.3 billion dollars this is around percent more than what the navy promised it would cost and two times the cost of the last flat top build america’s largest and most expensive  carrier is exciting due to the

modernization of traditional carrier tools such as a resting gear elevators and launch systems the ford is supposed to save billions over the next 50 years due to lower maintenance cost and the need for a smaller crew but what exorbitant spending on trivial

things it has endured a clogged toilet for example set the navy back four hundred thousand dollars ballooning costs surprise the u.s government there are four world-class carriers in various stages of construction and this super carrier will eventually be

replacing the entire aircraft carrier fleet but it’s this construction that’s ballooned the carrier’s cost and time to build the cost estimate for the entire ford class is 120 billion dollars versus the original estimate of 77.3 billion dollars according to a u.s government accountability office report board class more man-hours than the empire state

building more than 5 000 shipbuilders worked an estimated 49 million hours to build the ford that’s seven times the hours logged when building the empire state building according to a video posted by business  insider last september better to do only one or two new